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Dutch actress Carice Van Houten, who plays the evil smoke-birthing sorceress Melisandre on Game Of Thrones, was last seen slicing open Willem Defoe's neck in Antony And The Johnsons' "Cut The World"…   Read Story »
"Blind," the 2008 collaboration between Hercules And Love Affair and Antony Hegarty, was an instant nu-disco classic and arguably the best thing either party has ever done. Somehow, though, Antony…   Read Story »
The title track from Antony's new, live and symphonic release Cut The World is a previously unreleased track coming from the stage show The Life and Death of Marina Abramović. Fittingly, the famed…   Read Story »
Sir Antony (which is what we will all be calling him one day) wrote a song about the coral reef, and how we must make the requisite choices to preserve its beauty OR ELSE, for the film project CORAL…   Read Story »
Antony is an eloquently outspoken champion of CocoRosie, and a frequent collaborator to the sisters Casady, so be not surprised that a new collab track exists. Nor that it is vocally awesome. "Tearz…   Read Story »
Nomi Ruiz, leader of New York disco-house crew Jessica 6, did a ton of singing on Hercules And Love Affair's self-titled debut album. So did Antony Hegarty. So it's only right that the two have…   Read Story »
Antony really goes for it in JD Samson & Co's Talk About Body dance anthem, "Who Am I To Fee So Free," a track that feels like a particularly amped update on the smokey disco of Hercules & Love…   Read Story »
This past Friday Antony Hegarty gave Letterman a powerful take on Swanlights' most upbeat moment "Thank You For You Love." He recruited some of Paul Shaffer's band to provide the horns. An added…   Read Story »
Antony & The Johnsons' fourth album Swanlights is maybe my favorite. From start to finish it has a gorgeous tonal and emotional consistency to it. There's something very relaxed and spacious in…   Read Story »
"Thank You For Your Love" has a new black and white video made of candid and performance footage shot around New York. The video works nicely with the album's cover. Watch: Thank You For Your…   Read Story »