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As previously reported, Aphex Twin will soon release SYRO, his first proper album in 13 years. He built up anticipation with a blimp and some graffiti, and then he made the announcement itself on the…   Read Story »
After the confusing presence of the Aphex Twin logo on a blimp in London and the streets of NYC over the weekend, we now have some even more exciting, but no less mysterious news from the baffling…   Read Story »
UPDATE: New album SYRO announced. // Looks like Aphex Twin's Richard James may finally be up to something: NME reports that a blimp has been spotted flying over London with "2014" on the side…   Read Story »
There are some really, really big Aphex Twin fans out there. In 1994, Richard D. James recorded, but did not release, an LP called The Caustic Window Album. A test pressing of the LP surfaced earlier…   Read Story »
There aren't many reasons why a finished album would never be released to the public. Most available explanations might involve irreconcilable differences between an artist and his record label, or,…   Read Story »
While it has been more than a decade since we last got new original music from the elusive, indescribably influential Richard D. James bka Aphex Twin, today we get something pretty close. As…   Read Story »
UPDATE 4/9: Looks like The Caustic Window Album will become available for a significantly more affordable price soon, albeit still in somewhat limited fashion. As Pitchfork reports, the owner of the…   Read Story »
This past weekend in Wroclaw, Poland, both Radiohead multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood and enigmatic electronic eminence Aphex Twin debuted new orchestral works alongside the hard-to-spell Polish…   Read Story »
At long last here's the 35-minute short film Kanye briefly teased at the VMAs last month. The usual suspects -- Pusha T, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj (in a Brit accent), and Bon Iver -- make vocal assists,…   Read Story »
London's Victoria Park hosted the London Electronic Dance Festival on Friday and Saturday, with sets from Calvin Harris, Soulwax, and Goldfrapp among many others. Die Antwoord invaded Aphex Twin's…   Read Story »