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Here's how fucking weird 2014 is: Aphex Twin returned from a decade-long exile with a new album, and the thing sounds comforting. If you're old enough, you probably remember hearing a new Aphex track…   Read Story »
UPDATE: You can now preview every track here. Ever since news broke that Aphex Twin would be releasing his first new album in 13 years, fans have been understandably ravenous. That first single…   Read Story »
Aphex Twin's new album SYRO comes out in a few weeks and more information is starting to emerge. The box set design is pointedly minimalist, but also excruciatingly detailed. It contains exhaustive…   Read Story »
This week brought a small avalanche of new songs from big-ticket names. And four of the tracks that made our list of the 5 Best Songs Of The Week come from such artists -- it easily could have been a…   Read Story »
This is the first Aphex Twin song in 13 years, and it shows. That hauntingly altered voice, those glimmering pianos, and an off-balance sense of forward motion mark "minipops 67 [120.2][source field…   Read Story »
Aphex Twin's forthcoming album Syro is the man's first proper studio effort in 13 years, and it's getting an appropriately grand rollout from its label Warp. The Designers Republic, frequent Warp…   Read Story »
Next month, Aphex Twin will release SYRO, his first proper studio album in 13 years. This is both a big deal and a weird one, and Richard D. James has concocted an interesting way to let the world…   Read Story »
Aphex Twin interviews are rare beasts, but with Richard D. James about to return with SYRO, his first proper studio album in 13 years, they're suddenly a little thicker on the ground. Both FADER and…   Read Story »
As previously reported, Aphex Twin will soon release SYRO, his first proper album in 13 years. He built up anticipation with a blimp and some graffiti, and then he made the announcement itself on the…   Read Story »
After the confusing presence of the Aphex Twin logo on a blimp in London and the streets of NYC over the weekend, we now have some even more exciting, but no less mysterious news from the baffling…   Read Story »