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As with Daft Punk's Random Access Memories before it, Arcade Fire made a grand show of rolling out their new album Reflektor, unveiling hints and details and images and ideas about it before finally…   Read Story »
This past weekend's YouTube Music Awards presented an interesting conundrum for this column. The show labeled its performances as "live music videos," and pulled in big-name directors to help put…   Read Story »
Our Band Could Be Your Life author Michael Azerrad recently started a website called the Talkhouse, entirely dedicated to musicians who write about music, and he's already scored a few major coups…   Read Story »
Billboard reports that Arcade Fire has scored its second straight No. 1 album with Reflektor, which moved 140,000 copies en route to the top of the Billboard 200. That's 16,000 less than the…   Read Story »
After an ambitious and awkward 90-minute production, the inaugural YouTube Music Awards have disappeared into a cloud of blue chalk dust. The ceremony, streamed live from a warehouse in New York,…   Read Story »
Grab some popcorn (but don't dare smear butter on that keyboard) and cozy up in front of your laptop screen because the inaugural YouTube Music Awards are going down this evening live from New York's…   Read Story »
The members of Arcade Fire are big nerds with good taste, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that they're Devo fans. At last year's Crossing Brooklyn Ferry festival, four Arcade Fire members, performing…   Read Story »
We already spoke to Wayne Coyne once this year and turned him loose on the turntables, but the Flaming Lips have had such a whirlwind 2013 that they merit yet another check-in. Since releasing The…   Read Story »
If you have a couple hours to kill, Google "Arcade Fire live reviews" and set the date range to 2003-2006. You'll see some good writing and some average writing and you'll realize that the Believer…   Read Story »
And so after the rollercoaster of teasers, graffiti, TV appearances, late night specials, fake heads, fake band names, fake stages, smoke, mirrors, and reflectors of reflectors of reflectors ... we…   Read Story »