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One thing about the members of Morrissey's backing band: They are loyal. Recently, Morrissey cancelled an entire tour, blaming opening act Kristeen Young for spreading illness to the entire touring…   Read Story »
Unlikely though it may seem, the incisive and persistently self-deprecating British rant-punk clang-bangers Art Brut are about to release a career-spanning double-disc compilation, which they've…   Read Story »
Another new album announcement: Art Brut will have the followup to Art Brut Vs. Satan, titled Brilliant! Tragic! out in May. "Unprofessional Wrestling" isn't on the album, but the band gave it to…   Read Story »
In 2005 Eddie Argos took Art Brut to the top of the pops, lyrically anyway, as indie rock's thick-browed sardonic clown prince. It wasn't about singing, it was talking to the kids, with acerbic cheek…   Read Story »
Eddie Argos doesn't feel great on this new Art Brut single. Probably the entire Frank Black-produced album, really; it's called Art Brut Vs. Satan, and in this case the devil's in the details of his…   Read Story »
The first track on Art Brut's forthcoming "punk-as-fuck," Black Francis-produced Art Brut Vs. Satan is "Alcoholics Unanimous." The tale of drinking too much and dealing with it the next day isn't…   Read Story »
Lady Sovereign isn't the only person covering the Cure this month: Art Brut and a host of others have contributed their takes on the band to Pictures Of You, a Cure tribute CD free with this week's…   Read Story »
There's more info about the band's forthcoming third album Art Brut Vs. Satan. For instance, as lead talker Eddie Argos posts, the album art was drawn by comic artist Jeff Lemire. Argos also had…   Read Story »
EMI's on anything but terra firma these days and as we've seen this past year, and now you can add Art Brut to the list of rock stars going public with their tales of label incompetence. The label…   Read Story »
In case you missed it: T-Mobile ran the next in its line of hipster-friendly adverts during last night's Grammy telecast (the first coming during the American Music Awards, so, yay symmetry). Non…   Read Story »