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Record Store Day Black Friday is going to bring with it a ton of cool shit but the Boris/Asobi Seksu split 7" has to be one of the standouts. On the A-side, NYC shoegazers Asobi Seksu do a softened,…   Read Story »
Most remixes are shit. This new feature exists in defense of The Remix. So, welcome to Remixtape: a monthly compilation of the best recent remix MP3s floating around the internet because despite the…   Read Story »
Yuki Chikudate and James Hanna are a few weeks away from their third release of 2009 with Rewolf, an acoustically inclined revisitation of highlights from their time together in the very electric…   Read Story »
Brooklyn dream-pop outfit Asobi Seksu just released a 10" anchored by "Transparence," a standout from this February's Hush LP. Before the clock strikes '10 they'll have a third release on the year by…   Read Story »
Our last look at Asobi Seksu came via "Me & Mary," the first single from their third album Hush. In that vein, the New York dream-poppers are releasing a limited-edition 10" that includes a slightly…   Read Story »
"Me & Mary" is the first single from Asobi Seksu's third album Hush, the New York band's followup to 2006's Citrus. The track's accompanying video was put thought of/designed by Brooklyn illustrator…   Read Story »
Directors Major Lightner and Ryan Bosworth set Yuki and the Asobi guys in a world of computer animated colors and shapes for the sheets of guitar and sugary Seksu melodies. Pixar it ain't, but the…   Read Story »
We were really amused by Pitchfork's list for the year's Worst Album Covers; great picks, pithy quips! Apparently they Forkers are just as awed by Gangsta Rap as we were, but they were more observant…   Read Story »