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We at Stereogum have the UK on the brain this week. And while there's a big difference between "Britpop" and "British pop," this seems like an appropriate time to point out just how many singers from…   Read Story »
Among the attributes necessary for pop stardom, a powerhouse voice is not typically on the shortlist. From Madonna to Rihanna, pop singers have long been able to excel at their occupation without the…   Read Story »
This year's Juno Awards take place in Ottawa on 4/1, and today the nominees for their annual prizes were revealed. A lot of familiar names -- Drake, Feist, Avril Lavigne -- headline the nominees.…   Read Story »
Last month Death Cab For Cutie returned to the spotlight with "You Are A Tourist," the great first single and video from their forthcoming Codes And Keys. A sunny addition to our spring playlist, it…   Read Story »
This Alice In Wonderland tie-in video does that creepy thing where they make Lavigne look like she's in the movie with Johnny Depp, who's probably spinning in his grave. Watch at Videogum.   Read Story »
Today's the day! The twelfth installment of the music series for the kids, by the Kidz, is ready to be streamed and/or purchased for $18.98. And per usual, you really shouldn't be buying this for…   Read Story »
Last week Miss Lavigne dropped by Jo Whiley's Live Lounge and delivered a song that sounds suspiciously like Coldplay's "The Scientist"! (Zing!) In Avril's hands, one of Coldplay's best ballads is…   Read Story »
Our favorite cigar-smoking muthaflippin' princess has had herself a rough week, starting with the Rubinoos' claim that "Girlfriend" ripped off a song of theirs, to which Avril replied via forum post…   Read Story »
Make that four weeks at the top of the charts for Rhianna's inescapable summer jam "Umbrella." We don't listen to the radio, you won't find us in the club, and we only watch MTV to see if Lily's got…   Read Story »
Remember when the Blender folks fed Avril whiskey and had her pose for photos and answer your questions working a sweet Jack Daniels buzz? Well, watch and remember. The pics are in, and her fucking…   Read Story »