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Beliefs hail from Toronto and make the kind of fogged-in shoegaze that stands the test of time -- I could have seen this band play last weekend in Brooklyn, but my mom could have seen them the year I…   Read Story »
As an anniversary tribute, many of the bands in Toronto's music scene have teamed up to cover Nirvana's In Utero in full, and are releasing it as a free download via Hand Drawn Dracula. In a note…   Read Story »
You are invited too the strangest of dinner parties in Beliefs' video for "Lilly." The Toronto shoegazers deliver a hazy Matthew Barney-like fever dream with black and pink spaghetti served as the…   Read Story »
Beliefs are a Toronto shoegaze duo whose name, at least for the moment, is not that easy to Google. (Though actually, look at that, they've got a Bandcamp single on the first page of results. Blowing…   Read Story »