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Ben Folds Five – “Sky High” Video

At this point, just about every piece of promotion for the Ben Folds Five reunion album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind has reinforced Folds’s wacky-guy credibility. But their new video for the ballad “Sky High” finds Folds and friends back on their “Brick” shit, going all soft and emotive. In this one,… More »

By: Tom Breihan / July 12, 2013 - 8:55 am

Stream Ben Folds Five Live

Ben Folds Five delighted their strident fanbase last year when they hit the studio to create new music. One of the trio’s biggest draws is their performance prowess, so it’s great news that they will unleash a live album, simply titled Ben Folds Five Live, in June. You can stream the whole thing now at… More »

By: Claire Lobenfeld / May 30, 2013 - 4:21 pm

Watch Ben Folds Five Play Conan

Last night, the reunited Ben Folds Five brought their driving nerd-pop to the stage at Conan. On the show proper, the band played “Draw A Crowd,” a song from last year’s comeback album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind. And as an online bonus, they also did the tender “Erase Me,” while Fold… More »

By: Tom Breihan / January 31, 2013 - 9:04 am

2012 In Review: The Year In Comebacks

“Don’t call it a comeback” is usually a phrase uttered self-protectively by musicians who are very much coming back from some degree of obscurity. Dr. Dre wasn’t exactly absent during the seven-year stretch between his first and second albums (“California Love,” anybody?), but his 1999 sophomore release 2001 is littered with lines like “Ladies pay… More »

By: Chris DeVille / December 31, 2012 - 11:55 am

Watch Ben Folds Five On Colbert

Last night, the reunited Ben Folds Five showed up on The Colbert Report, and during the interview segment, Colbert went right for the years-old there’s-only-three-of-you bit. The band, all of whom sat for the interview, gave off a deer-in-the-headlights vibe that usually only scientists with books to promote display on this particular show. They also… More »

By: Tom Breihan / October 2, 2012 - 9:09 am

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

So this was a ridiculously great week for videos — great enough, even, that G-Dragon released yet another perfectly absurd slice of cartoonish awesomeness, one that would’ve topped the list either of the past two weeks, and I didn’t even list it. I can’t lie; it hurts a part of my soul that I’ve listed… More »

By: Tom Breihan / September 21, 2012 - 11:49 am

Watch Wayne Coyne & Ke$ha Join Ben Folds Five In Nashville

Fresh off their work with the cast of Fraggle Rock, the newly reunited Ben Folds Five last night performed with another unlikely set of collaborators: Wayne Coyne and Ke$ha. The Five were joined at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium by Coyne and Ke$ha for a cover of the Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn duet “You’re the Reason Our Kid… More »

By: Michael Nelson / September 18, 2012 - 3:43 pm

Ben Folds Five – “Do It Anyway” Video (Feat. Fraggle Rock)

Tomorrow, the reunited Ben Folds Five release The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, their first album together in 13 years. Months ago, we posted the demo version of their new single “Do It Anyway.” And today, the clip gets a special kind of all-star video, one that features the entire cast of the… More »

By: Tom Breihan / September 17, 2012 - 11:53 am

Ben Folds Five – “Michael Praytor, Five Years Later” & “Sky High”

In a couple of weeks, Ben Folds Five will release The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, their first new album together in 13 years. Earlier this week, we posted their song “Erase Me,” and today we’ve got two more from the LP, “Michael Praytor, Five Years Later” and “Sky High.” Listen to them… More »

By: Tom Breihan / September 7, 2012 - 5:24 pm

Ben Folds Five – “Erase Me”

Ben Folds Five announced a while back that they’d be getting to work on a reunion album, and a few months ago, we posted their demo “Do It Anyway.” And in a couple of weeks, they’ll finally release The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, their first new album in 13 years. Listen to… More »

By: Tom Breihan / September 5, 2012 - 4:18 pm

Ben Folds Five – “Do It Anyway”

Ben Folds Five are gearing up for their reunion album, and recently they posted a demo from one of those sessions on Ben Folds’ Facebook page. Head below to download the chorus-less jam “Do It Anyway,” a piano-led cut that grows more and more frenetic and pleading as it progresses. More »

By: Corban Goble / May 7, 2012 - 9:33 am

Ben Folds Five Prep Spring LP

Take it away, @BenFolds:

It’s happening fo sho – Day 1 in studio with Robert and Darren through March #NewBenFoldsFiveRecord…— benjamin folds (@BenFolds) January 25, 2012

When, Ben, when?!

Spring release @Andy_Hampshire #NewBenFoldsFiveRecord— benjamin folds (@BenFolds) January 25, 2012

There you have it. More… More »

By: Corban Goble / January 26, 2012 - 3:12 pm

Ben Folds Five – “Tell Me What I Did” (Stereogum Premiere)

According to Ben Folds superfan Scott Lapatine, Ben Folds Five only played their Robert Sledge-penned song “Tell Me What I Did” live once: At Scranton University in April 2000. (Do not ask me how he knows this.) (UPDATE: It was played a few times, actually.) This did not stop Folds from reconvening his old band… More »

By: Tom Breihan / August 30, 2011 - 8:56 am

Ben Folds Five – “House”

It’s been a second since we had any news on the Ben Folds front — the last of it was Chatroulette-related, remember Chatroulette?! — but he’s posted a new track on his The Sing-Off profile page called “House.” The Sing-Off of course being NBC’s attempt to parlay some of that The Voice/American Idol mojo. Check… More »

By: Corban Goble / August 24, 2011 - 10:28 am

Ben Folds Goes To College For A Cappella LP

A cappella’s been creeping further and further into the indie rock realm: Not necessarily bands who sing without instrumentation behind them, but straight-up college a cappella groups covering Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend, backing Rivers Cuomo. It’s like a sickness! Just kidding (sort of). One-upping these dabblings, Ben Folds has created a new album, BenMore »

By: brandon / March 17, 2009 - 10:16 am

Watch The Ben Folds Five Reunion Concert

Before Elton John revisited Yellow Brick Road with Ben Folds and others, Folds revisited The Unauthorized Biography Of Rienhold Messner with his old band. Said performance, which took place at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Memorial Hall, was organized as part of MySpace Music’s “Front To Back” series, so it makes sense MySpace would have really good video… More »

By: brandon / October 23, 2008 - 10:33 am

Ben Folds Five Play Reinhold Messner Reunion Show

A couple weeks (and change) ago we reported that despite their other projects, Ben Folds Five were reuniting as part of MySpace Music’s “Front To Back” series to play The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner in its entirety at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Memorial Hall. We weren’t lying, it happened last night. It was Darren Jesse, Robert… More »

By: brandon / September 19, 2008 - 9:21 am

Ben Folds Five Reunite For Reinhold Messner

In the comments section of our post on the “Hiroshima” video, reader sean took a moment to disparage the fake leak of Way To Normal before writing:

He’s squandered all of his stock-piled Ben Folds Five love … Let’s get the reunion gears spinning for that show. That’d be something, huh?

For… More »

By: brandon / September 3, 2008 - 9:02 am