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Ben Folds Five are gearing up for their reunion album, and recently they posted a demo from one of those sessions on Ben Folds' Facebook page. Head below to download the chorus-less jam "Do It…   Read Story »
Take it away, @BenFolds: It's happening fo sho - Day 1 in studio with Robert and Darren through March #NewBenFoldsFiveRecord…— benjamin folds (@BenFolds) January…   Read Story »
According to Ben Folds superfan Scott Lapatine, Ben Folds Five only played their Robert Sledge-penned song "Tell Me What I Did" live once: At Scranton University in April 2000. (Do not ask me how he…   Read Story »
It's been a second since we had any news on the Ben Folds front -- the last of it was Chatroulette-related, remember Chatroulette?! -- but he's posted a new track on his The Sing-Off profile page…   Read Story »
A cappella's been creeping further and further into the indie rock realm: Not necessarily bands who sing without instrumentation behind them, but straight-up college a cappella groups covering Animal…   Read Story »
Before Elton John revisited Yellow Brick Road with Ben Folds and others, Folds revisited The Unauthorized Biography Of Rienhold Messner with his old band. Said performance, which took place at…   Read Story »
A couple weeks (and change) ago we reported that despite their other projects, Ben Folds Five were reuniting as part of MySpace Music's "Front To Back" series to play The Unauthorized Biography of…   Read Story »
In the comments section of our post on the "Hiroshima" video, reader sean took a moment to disparage the fake leak of Way To Normal before writing: He's squandered all of his stock-piled Ben Folds…   Read Story »