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"Margin," the first song to be released off, Hymnal, the new album from Benoît Pioulard (aka Thomas Meluch), is abruptly bookended with static and fractured sounds, making it sound like some…   Read Story »
Oregon transplant Benoît Pioulard, aka multi-instrumentalist and Praveen partner Thomas Meluch, played lead in the sunsetting wheat-field and fire-lined video for Temper track "Ragged Tint." The…   Read Story »
Benoît Pioulard, aka Oregon (via Michigan) multi-instrumentalist Thomas Meluch, is putting out his gorgeous sophomore Kranky release Temper in a couple weeks. Meluch has earlier self-released CD-Rs…   Read Story »
We last heard from young Thomas Meluch aka Benoît Pioulard back when he was making lovely work out of "Triggering Back." Since he's left his home in Michigan for a new life in Portland (he won't…   Read Story »
Benoît Pioulard is Thomas Meluch, and his Kranky debut Précis is full of surreal folk, with plenty of textures in odd places from things like bells and dulcimers, mostly performed Thomas himself.…   Read Story »