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Last night in Cleveland, Alternative Press held its first-ever Alternative Press Music Awards show, and it presented its first-ever Vanguard Award, a lifetime-achievement type of thing, to the…   Read Story »
Smashing Pumpkins have been preparing a massive "super deluxe" Adore reissue in the only way they know how: meticulously. (That's the cover art above.) Yesterday, Billy Corgan was all set to announce…   Read Story »
A post on the Smashing Pumpkins website offers an update on Billy Corgan's new "spiritual memoir" God Is Everywhere From Here To There. Here's the whole of it: Hello friends, a short status update…   Read Story »
Last week, Billy Corgan more or less broke the internet when he appeared on the cover of PAWS Chicago magazine, the annual publication for the local animal shelter, cradling two Siamese cats. (And…   Read Story »
UPDATE: Corgan addresses his viral magazine cover: In case your wondering, all this PAWS fame has gone to Mr. Thom and Sammi's head. They've gone from complaining about food every 60 seconds to…   Read Story »
A couple of years ago, Billy Corgan, a longtime wrestling fan, helped start Resistance Pro Wrestling, an independent wrestling league in Chicago. A few months ago, we learned that AMC was developing…   Read Story »
As Billy Corgan promised earlier this year, his long-in-the-works experimental double album AEGEA has been put up for sale ... in a limited pressing of 250 copies ... which have already sold out. In…   Read Story »
Jane's Addiction's debut studio album Nothing's Shocking just turned 25. To celebrate, the band performed the album in full three nights in a row at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas last weekend. Billy Corgan…   Read Story »
Earlier this week Billy Corgan dropped a shockla-locka-boom on Smashing Pumpkins fans worldwide by announcing that Tommy Lee would be the drummer for all nine tracks on the Pumpkins' upcoming…   Read Story »
The list of drummers on this planet capable of hitting their instrument as hard and as accurately as Jimmy Chamberlin is a short one. Whatever your feelings about him, Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee is on…   Read Story »