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Lightning Dust, the side-project duo of Black Mountain members Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, go for synthetic textures instead of their old psych-folk on their new album Fantasy. We've already…   Read Story »
The Vancouver duo Lightning Dust is a side project of the great Black Mountain, and their new single "Diamond" is the romantic soft-focus new-wave jam that nobody ever expected them to write. With…   Read Story »
Stephen McBean leads the wonderfully wooly Vancouver bands Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops, and Imaad Wasif is a psycedelically inclined singer-songwriter and a former Yeah Yeah Yeahs touring…   Read Story »
Amber Webber and Joshua Wells are both members of the great Vancouver mystic riff rock troupe Black Mountain, and with their side project Lightning Dust, they've released two albums of softly…   Read Story »
The great Vancouver riff-rock band Black Mountain are obviously the first people you'd ask to soundtrack your apocalyptic surfing movie, and the people behind the forthcoming film Year Zero had the…   Read Story »
This past weekend Larmer Tree Gardens, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, hosted the fifth annual End Of The Road Festival. This year's lineup continued the festival's peripheral deviation from its folk,…   Read Story »
"The Hair Song" features one of the best Stephen McBean and Amber Webber duets on the album. They're in this clip, along with the rest of Black Mountain and a small cast of fresh-faced fans. The…   Read Story »
Black Mountain brought "Old Fangs" -- and most importantly, "Old Fangs"'s sweet organ riff -- to Late Night last night. But the best part may be watching the girls in baby doll tops gently nodding…   Read Story »
You've seen and heard "Old Fangs," the chunky-guitar-and-laser-guided first single from Black Mountain's forthcoming third album Wilderness Heart. "The Hair Song" nails a more laid-back, bluesy…   Read Story »
First single from Black Mountain's upcoming Wilderness Heart, "Old Fangs," gets a music video. It hits pretty much everything on your Black Mountain checklist: drugs, hallucinations, weird sisters,…   Read Story »