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It's been a while since we heard Beth Gibbons' ghostly voice, but this week she showed up in a unique setting. Instrumental metal band GONGA recorded a cover of Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath,"…   Read Story »
UPDATE: Check out GIFs and performance videos from the Grammys here and our wrap-up essay here. Here we go! The festivities are underway and the hardware is being handed out, and in this space…   Read Story »
For their massive new double album Mole City, Quasi, the long-running indie duo of Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss, recorded a grand total of 24 songs, including the previously-posted "You Can Stay But…   Read Story »
Few bands can claim to have invented an entire genre of music. The Beatles didn't do it. The Beach Boys and visionary writer and producer Brian Wilson didn't do it. Frank Zappa didn't do it. Black…   Read Story »
There's been a lot of good discourse surrounding the "reunited" Black Sabbath's new album, the Rick Rubin-produced 13. Steve Smith and Ben Ratliff offered some fascinating and thoughtful insights…   Read Story »
When I gave a negative review to "The End Of The Beginning," the second single to be released from Black Sabbath's 13, I did so based on a ridiculous edit of the song wedged into a pandering,…   Read Story »
I watch a lot of television -- like A LOT of television -- and I've never seen a single episode of CSI. I know this sounds snobbish (and maybe it is in fact snobbish), but I'm saying it to make a…   Read Story »
Metal in 2013 will to some extent be defined by two stories that made their debuts in April, one of which was included on our list of the month's best songs, the other which was not but deserves to…   Read Story »
The best metal album of 2012 was Pallbearer's fantastic Sorrow And Extinction, an album heavily indebted to Ozzy-era Black Sabbath. Yes, of course, all metal is heavily indebted to Ozzy-era Black…   Read Story »
The original Black Sabbath lineup officially reunited in November 2011 to play some shows and record a new album -- their first since 1978's Never Say Die -- with producer Rick Rubin. Last February,…   Read Story »