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Two things you'll learn after watching this video: 1) Kele definitely could have given you everything you wanted, everything you needed and 2) He's sad about it. Don't cry, Kele! Don't you know…   Read Story »
Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke's launched his solo project with three tracks ("Tenderoni," "Rise," and "Walk Tall"), one video, and two biceps, now it's time to tour. His forthcoming LP The Boxer…   Read Story »
Bloc Party spin-off Kele Okereke pumped iron then ran straight to the dance-floor with his "Tenderoni." Now we have a couple additional tracks from the XXXChange-produced The Boxer. "Rise" is an…   Read Story »
Last month Kele Okereke sent an email with a note saying he'd been spending time in the studio with XXXChange, and a picture showing he'd been spending the rest of it in the gym getting totally…   Read Story »
The artsy post-punkers gone club-music obsessed album-release machines of Bloc Party seem to be on a break, or at least that's what drummer Matt Tong suggested some months ago. And then there was the…   Read Story »
Bloc Party's tricked-out remix of Tunng's spaciously hushed …And Then We Saw Land lead no doubt helps the song live up to its name. "Hustle" is quietly percussive and forward-arcing in its original…   Read Story »
From this quote producer Hudson Mohawk gave the BBC, it's hard to say if he's working on Kele's solo album with someone from Spank Rock or if they're two separate projects, but whatever: this is…   Read Story »
Last night in Paris, the legendary Britpop band canceled its second festival gig in a week then broke up, following the 10,000th altercation between its ornery figureheads. I have a hard time…   Read Story »
Following last week's surprise single -- like, surprise it's out, and surprise it's a house jam -- Kele and the gang deliver this video as a top-off to the one-off. It's both goofy and emotional,…   Read Story »
Apropos of nothing beyond a compulsive need to be releasing material all the time, Bloc Party follow up last year's rush-release of Intimacy and this year's Intimacy Remixed with this stand-alone…   Read Story »