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News came yesterday from the Bloc Party camp of a new single -- news that would've excited us more a year or two ago, but still, Kele and Co.'s Silent ways have earned our ear for awhile to come.…   Read Story »
At some point we called this year's Austin City Limits festival "Friday and Sunday heavy," but that shit ain't right; this year's ACL dance-card was tilted entirely toward the tail end. In fact,…   Read Story »
Shouldn't be shocked by that post title; Kele's been a sucker for the pop tarts from the start. In fact, he's going on to any ear he can find about another such star's forthcoming single. From an…   Read Story »
Maybe you love A Weekend In The City so much that you need more versions of its songs. Or, just maybe you dislike A Weekend In The City that you need it infused with grimey, guttural synths to make…   Read Story »
A little while back, Liam Gallagher slagged Bloc Party as "a band off University Challenge" (a UK trivia show for college kids). And we're with you guys; Oasis taunts are played. BUT Kele, fast…   Read Story »
A "rising Scottish crossover star," Calvin Harris, has lambasted Bloc Party for their musical tedium, and it is most definitely, not at all a publicity stunt! Calvin told The Big Issue In Scotland…   Read Story »
No, we don't mean that Kele switched outfits mid-set. We mean that British kids sure like throwing shit at the bands they go to see. Two songs into a gig last night at the Music Hall in Aberdeen,…   Read Story »
Kele's been thinking little thoughts about the irresponsible rockstardom of Jack White. He told NME:I was amazing [sic] when Jack White said it wasn't his job to be critical about foreign policy…   Read Story »
Clipse had a great year with Hell Hath No Fury, and since its release the record's enjoyed a second life as a mash-up fave. First it was our good friend and mashmaster team9 and his "Flaming Clipse"…   Read Story »
The second clip from A Weekend In The City is here, and it's got the guys feeling very emotional on the train. Not our favorite from the record (and if you hear Coldplay in the new, it's intentional)…   Read Story »