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Ever been roofied? We have! (It was meant for a girlfriend, but still.) Shit got trippy quick; we were just minding our own at a bar in The Big Easy during Mardi Gras and *bam* ... the world was…   Read Story »
The good folks at Vice have given us a treat for Thanksgiving in the form of a stream to an official version of the lead single from A Weekend In The City. The album's leak was a headline grabber,…   Read Story »
High Profile Leak weekend was capped with an unexpected treat: Bloc Party! The highly anticipated follow-up to the Brit band's much-adored debut Silent Alarm surfaced yesterday, and if you pinned it…   Read Story »
Looks like the Bloc Party Fanclub's three-point plea for the Panic!/Party tour won't even need to be read by those in NC, VA, or NYC, 'cause Kele & Co. are pulling out of those upcoming gigs. From…   Read Story »
Emo kids vs. indie rockers: Can't we all just get along? The moderator of the Facebook Bloc Party Fan Club sure hopes so. The tour with the billing that made us resort to IM shortspeak is finally…   Read Story »
We're enjoying Insound's Save The Album (We Sell Digital Now!) site, where indie rockers including Tim Harrington, Bloc Party, and Devendra Banhart discuss their favorite albums. Walkman Paul Maroon…   Read Story »
Now that we know what Brits wanna hear when they're dead, we're curious what the living are listening to. The busy pollsters at NME contacted a cross-section of the UK's student body in an effort to…   Read Story »
Those wracked in fits of anticipation, rest easy; Bloc Party are still skinny, still insanely tight and still fucking awesome. Those waiting for the McCarren show in the (718) this Saturday are in…   Read Story »
I kept wondering why everyone was talking about the Pantheon Awards, as I'd never heard of 'em. Turns out Pantheon Is The New Shortlist, which recognizes under-the-radar albums (less than 500k copies…   Read Story »