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The elegant, subtly propulsive "Dripping" is probably the best song on Blonde Redhead's recent album Barragán. Its glamorous new video doubles as an ad for the British fashion label All Saints. If…   Read Story »
For the video to Barragán's whispery chamber-pop ballad "The One I Love," Blonde Redhead turned to their old friend Jem Cohen. The director painted a moody portrait of a rainy day in Manhattan that…   Read Story »
Blonde Redhead are two decades deep into their career now, but they remain about as glamorous and mysterious as a New York indie rock trio can possibly be at this point in their lifespan. And on the…   Read Story »
It's been 19 years since the sexy and mysterious New York-based indie rockers Blonde Redhead released their first album; we're lucky that they're still around and still operating at such a high…   Read Story »
Because July 4th fell on a Friday, we didn't run 5 Best Songs last week. But man, last week gave us a lot of good songs. So this week's 5 Best is broken up into two halves: first, the 5 Best Songs…   Read Story »
Last month, Blonde Redhead released the details of their forthcoming ninth album (and first in four years), Barragán, along with its first single, "No More Honey." Today, the band has dropped a…   Read Story »
It's been four years since we heard new music from Blonde Redhead but today the trio led by Kazu Makino announced its ninth album, Barragán. Below you can listen to the first single "No More Honey,"…   Read Story »
If you Google "Kazu Makino interview," the first thing that pops up is a YouTube video of the Blonde Redhead guitarist-singer talking about how she doubts her own existence. "I often have a hard time…   Read Story »
L.A. bass music producer Nosaj Thing has been pretty quiet lately, but he's planning to return early next year with a new album. And our first taste of his new sound is "Eclipse/Blue," a dark and…   Read Story »
We first brought up Kazu Makino's (Blonde Redhead) benefit compilation We Are The Works In Progress as we discussed Four Tet's contribution, "Moma," and today a brand new instrumental Deerhunter…   Read Story »