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The Seattle rapper Nacho Picasso has a dark, slithery dirtbag appeal; he raps about violent horror-movie antics with a blackly comic wink in his voice. Blue Sky Black Death, meanwhile, is a Seattle…   Read Story »
The ambitious Seattle rap production duo Blue Sky Black Death released their sprawling album Glaciers this week, and it's notably low on actual rap. And it's not like that needed a corrective, since…   Read Story »
Blue Sky Black Death is an excellently-named Seattle production duo; they've put in serious time assembling spacey, twinkling, weirdly pretty beats for rappers like Nacho Picasso and Deniro Farrar.…   Read Story »
Blue Sky Black Death are a Seattle production duo who make gorgeously glassy synthscapes and who have produced three excellent full-lengths for rapper Nacho Picasso. Deniro Farrar is a North Carolina…   Read Story »
The first rapper who showed up twice in our Mixtape Of The Week column was Seattle's Nacho Picasso, who teamed up with the hometown production crew Blue Sky Black Death on For The Glory and Lord Of…   Read Story »
Last year, the Seattle rapper Nacho Picasso had something of a coming-out party when he released his For The Glory mixtape, a cloudy-eyed and bloody-minded celebration of boundless drug appetites and…   Read Story »
Late last year, we gave Mixtape Of The Week one week to For The Glory, a full-length from the word-drunk, bloody-minded Seattle rapper Nacho Picasso. Much of the production on that mixtape came from…   Read Story »