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Last year, the producer CFCF put out the album Outside and followed it this year with an odds-and-sods EP titled Outsiders. Now you can watch the Jared Raab-directed video for album track "Strange…   Read Story »
Spirit Of Akasha is a new documentary, from director Albert Falzon, that pays tribute to Morning Of The Earth, a 1971 Australian movie about surfing that's considered a classic in certain circles.…   Read Story »
Last year Will Oldham released a self-titled album as Bonnie "Prince" Billy, which is a bit surprising since he's been using the moniker for nearly 15 years at this point. Now Dutch director Claudia…   Read Story »
The 30-person crew of Greenpeace's boat the Arctic Sunrise was detained by the Russian government on piracy charges in September after they attempted to protest offshore drilling in the Russian…   Read Story »
In the 2005 film Junebug, Will Oldham's character works for a Chicago curator, on the lookout for "outsider artists" in the backwoods of North Carolina for a big city gallery. It's not a bad…   Read Story »
At the end of Louis CK's recent interview in The New York Times, he talks about how Woody Allen went out on a limb to make Take The Money and Run, a mockumentary about a criminal who really sucked at…   Read Story »
Bonnie "Prince" Billy's new video constructs a tale of rabbit love that careens into dark, bloody territory. It's written by writer/journalist Mike Ayers and illustrated by cartoonist Dustin Glick.…   Read Story »
By my count, we've now heard about a third of the forthcoming indie-rock Fleetwood Mac tribute Just Tell Me That You Want Me, and the tracks just keep on coming. Today, we get the Kills covering the…   Read Story »
This happens to be a great week for the low-budget video, full of immediate grainy cinematography and big cheap ideas and strong visual sensibilities. For whatever reason, it's been especially great…   Read Story »
Bonnie "Prince" Billy has a new EP coming out featuring six reworked versions of songs from his own catalog, and the first sliver of that comes via a new black-and-white video for "I See A Darkness."…   Read Story »