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Born Ruffians's first full-length, Red, Yellow And Blue is still a couple months away from hitting the shelves, but we thought you might want to see what the colorful album art looks like. You…   Read Story »
Canadian spunk rock trio Born Ruffians first made waves in earnest with their "Knife" cover last year and were so opening for Peter Bjorn & John at their second Stateside gig at Merc in January.…   Read Story »
/img/album_covers/born_ruffians-hummingbird.jpg /tag/Hummingbird   Read Story »
All we've got to go on is a snippet here (53 seconds at that), but for fellow Grizzly fanboys and girls, it's the best way to spend less-than-a-minute today. The song's called "Blackcurrant Jam," and…   Read Story »
Spastic Toronto pop trio Born Ruffians have posted two new sing-a-longs from their forthcoming "Hummingbird" 7" at MySpace. It's usually pretty easy to figure out how to stream tunes o'er there, but…   Read Story »
Last year we posted about Warp Records' Born Ruffians in-studio performance at KEXP, covering Grizzly Bear's "Knife," giving the standard-in-the-making a pepped-up, jangly-guit R&B shuffle. The track…   Read Story »
This year was a great one for Grizzly, and you sorta know shit's going well when you start getting the cover treatment. And so it goes for the Bear, as XL/Warp Records' Born Ruffians taking the…   Read Story »