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Lately, Jack White has been busy, first with his solo album and then with the impending return of the Dead Weather, and it's been a few years since he did anything with the Raconteurs, his band with…   Read Story »
Parental Advisory is a new feature on Stereogum where we’ll talk to musicians who also happen to be parents. It can’t be easy to raise kids from a tour-bus bunk, or to explain to your toddler why…   Read Story »
The Michigan-born power-popper and Raconteurs co-leader Brendan Benson is starting a new label and pubishing company called Readymade -- the idea being that the new label will allow him to release…   Read Story »
The last time "A Whole Better" streamed in a video embed, Brendan Benson was performing it at the Ed Sullivan Theatre for Mr. Letterman. This time the My Old, Familiar Friend earworm gets a proper…   Read Story »
Surprising nobody, folks are more keyed in to the fact that Brendan Benson has released a solo album this time around. His last three LPs paved the way for successful runs with the Raconteurs, and in…   Read Story »
While Jack cavorts with Dead Weather, familiarize yourself with fellow Raconteur Brendan Benson's forthcoming solo album My Old, Familiar Friend (8/18, ATO). It's currently streaming at NPR.   Read Story »
Something tells me people are gonna be keyed into Brendan Benson's forthcoming solo LP more than his previous three combined. Which isn't to say One Mississippi, Lapalco, and 2005's The Alternative…   Read Story »
The tents are collapsed, the recycling collected, the hippies headed to the showers (j/k hippies don't take showers). Bonnaroo '08 now belongs to the chemically enhanced memories of its campers, and…   Read Story »
New York had a Raconteur parade this past week: three sold out nights at the much maligned Terminal 5 in Manhattan, two-song performance on the much beloved Conan O'Brien show at 30 Rock. The New…   Read Story »
These guys are moving quickly. As promised in the initial press release about Consolers Of The Lonely, the Raconteurs indeed have made available a video for "Salute The Solution" on this, the…   Read Story »