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As a way to make some sort of artistic sense out of the year we just had, the Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail recently teamed up with the Canadian Opera Company and the indie label Arts &…   Read Story »
There was a mini Broken Social Scene reunion last night on Lettermen. Kevin Drew was there to promote his second solo album Darlings, which came out back in March, and brought Stars' Amy Millan to…   Read Story »
For a certain sort of indie-rock fan -- specifically people who were in college when Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People came out, people like me -- the sight of Kevin Drew and Leslie Feist…   Read Story »
Broken Social Scene is on hiatus right now, but it's a loosely-defined hiatus; this summer, they'll headline their Toronto hometown's Field Trip festival for the second time in two years. But…   Read Story »
Just as "Good Sex" began with a sound that was sweeping and intimate at the same time, the new single from Broken Social Scene frontman Kevin Drew's upcoming album works in a similar vein. Carried by…   Read Story »
Last year, the Toronto indie label Arts & Crafts threw itself a 10th anniversary party in the form of the Field Trip festival, and Broken Social Scene reunited to headline. Field Trip returns to…   Read Story »
Anyone who has ever listened closely to Kevin Drew's songs -- or logged any interview time with him -- will tell you that Drew is quite unabashedly a lover, not a fighter. A self-described "failed…   Read Story »
Kevin Drew, onetime frontman of the Canadian guitar battalion Broken Social Scene, hasn't released a solo album since his 2007 debut Spirit If..., but that'll change in a couple of months. Drew's…   Read Story »
Broken Social Scene member Brendan Canning will soon release his solo album You Gots 2 Chill, and his new video for the floaty acoustic track "Plugged In" tells the story of a deaf man who makes his…   Read Story »
Almost two years ago, Broken Social Scene went on an indefinite hiatus. The band broke that hiatus last night to perform at Field Trip Festival. The fest also served as the 10-year birthday party for…   Read Story »