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After the incredible coup of nabbing Todd Rundgren to remix their ace Lonerisms cut "Elephant," Tame Impala tread more familiar, though similarly far-out, terrain with frequent remix-mates and…   Read Story »
Here's the sunny clip for Canyons' "When I See You Again," a video that marries colorful found footage with band footage. Keep an eye out for a bearded Kevin Parker (Tame Impala). Fleur & Manu…   Read Story »
Late last fall, Aussie psych-dance duo Canyons put out Keep Your Dreams, and a cut from that album, "When I See You Again," is now the subject of a Nick Zinner remix. Stream it below. Keep…   Read Story »
"See Blind Through" is the first official single from Aussie duo Canyons' worthy, forthcoming LP Keep Your Dreams. It features Nite Jewel's Ramona Gonzalez on vocals and an old skool techno…   Read Story »
The Australian psych-dance duo Canyons will release their debut album Keep Your Dreams in November, and we've already posted the a few tracks from it. Now, here's another one: A streaky jam called…   Read Story »
Canyons is the duo of Ryan Grieve and Leo Thomson, Modular people who released the "My Rescue" single (and Tame Impala remix) on the Australian label last year and are prepping a full length for this…   Read Story »
This week's most watchable videos include new, color-saturated clips from Flying Lotus, Willow Smith (!), and Kaybelrex, and mesmerizing videos from Soars, Hundred In The Hands, and…   Read Story »
"My Rescue" is the first single from Australia's Ryan Grieve and Leo Thomson, who record as Canyons. The pair have separate releases on Modular (and many remixes for labelmates Tame Impala), but the…   Read Story »
It's Tame Impala week in the city -- the band rolling around the city for three shows (watch this, don't miss) and various peripheral appearances, like a DJ set at that sure to be bananas Vice…   Read Story »