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Cheetah Lady Is Your Girlfriend

And you guys have a baby, named Frida, and you live on the north side of Chicago: Why does she wear glasses? And wouldn't pretending to be a cheetah be really boring after age 7? Just please tell me this has nothing to do with sex. (Via Cynical-C.)… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / December 19, 2008

There’s A New Box Cat Video. (Same Cat, Different Box.)

I'm often asked by someone whose initials are "G.D.": "Does it ever pain you intellectually to post so many cat videos?" To which I reply: "If only you knew how many cat videos I did not post." It's like a Zen Koan, and also no conversation like that has ever occurred. NEW BOX CAT YOU… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / December 17, 2008

Cat Dancers Is A Tragedy

Last night, HBO premiered a new documentary called Cat Dancers, which I was extremely excited about until I learned that it wasn't a documentary about the classic internet meme/joke Dancing With Cats, but was instead a Grey Gardens-style train wreck doc about aging exotic animal performers. I still plan to watch more of… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / December 16, 2008

The World’s Oldest Cat Video Was Made By Thomas Edison

Tipster Louis just pointed out this video from 1894, created by Thomas Edison, of two cats boxing in a ring. Thomas Edison made crazy cat videos in 1894. Mind officially blown: The YouTube commenters are debating whether or not this stunt constituted cruelty to animals, in their beside-the-point adorable YouTube commenter way, but I'm… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / December 12, 2008

Broccoli Kitten Is The Paris Hilton Of YouTube Kittens

With nearly half a million views in less than a week, the broccoli-loving kitten known imaginatively as "Broccoli Kitten" is hands-down the Kitten Of The Week. But what's BK's real talent, other than that cute little noise he makes?: And why is he named "Captain Pugwash"? Did he lick a pug while they were both… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / December 11, 2008

The Parrot And The Cat: Your Long Weekend Transition Team

Welcome back to the internet everyone! It's "cyber-Monday," but before you head over to for ironic holiday gifts, get back into the free wasting time at work spirit with a parrot petting a cat. It's one of those rare YouTube animal videos where the video totally transcends the title: I'm convinced that that parrot… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / December 1, 2008

The Lazy Cat That Represents Our National Mood

Why is this cat, whose documented adorable laziness was put on YouTube in 2007, suddenly zipping around today? Nobody knows. But we're very close to an influx of doctoral candidate dissertations about the relation between viral videos and current events, the economy, the weather, etc. Maybe lazy cat will be an endnote. Awww: Please don't… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / November 24, 2008

Cat Takes A Ride On A Roomba

It's not box cat, but this week's cat enjoys a ride on a Roomba, and only a cat could be this bored-looking while riding on a Roomba. This cat is already over Roombas: I want to see a DOG on a Roomba. That would be something. (Via Cynical-C.)… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / November 18, 2008

Friday Fight: What Could Replace The Live Puppy Feed?

lindsay: What should be the next live puppy feed? gabe: uh oh gabe: i never even considered that the live puppy feed gabe: might go away lindsay: uh oh lindsay: puppies grow up, gabe gabe: shut up gabe: you don't know gabe: what you don't know about puppies could fill a warehouse… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / November 14, 2008

Slinky Cat Is Almost As Good As Box Cat

Okay, Okay, Slinky Cat will fulfill this week's one-cat-a-week Promise: Not as good as Box Cat from a few weeks ago, but still good. If the internet had a Person Of The Year like Time Magazine, maybe this year it would be "The Japanese Cat."… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / November 11, 2008

This Week’s Second-Best Cat Video: Box Cat

This cat comes to us from Japan. When I first saw it I was like "How can it be cute, it's not even a kitten." But I was being ageist: Remember childhood, when they said that you could travel to far away places by reading books? Now we travel to far away places via More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / October 30, 2008

It’s Time For Something Extremely Adorable

As the stress of the economy, the election, and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's attempts at viral videos take their toll on us this week, it's good to take time each day to remember that kittens exist, and that sometimes they can't get their little selves into their nap baskets. Awww: That's the video I'm… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / October 2, 2008

Cute As Balls: Cat House On The Kings

Here is a short documentary about Lynea Lattanzio (via neatorama), who runs her own "no cage, no kill" cat sanctuary in California. I've always wondered how many cats you needed to have to go from being a crazy cat lady back to just being someone who really loves cats. That number is 500-700 at… More »

By: Gabe Delahaye / August 25, 2008

Spaghetti Cat Is The New Rick Roll

Continuing our meta tradition of bringing you the best of The Soup each Monday morning, it would be a shame if anyone missed what will hopefully become some sort of talk show inside joke (but probably not). McHale and team were paying attention last week when the Morning Show With Mike And Julia, during a… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / August 18, 2008

What We Know About “The Frozen Cat”

This video of a streched-out, unblinking, stunned-seeming cat reminds me of what I feel like every Friday afternoon. (Right?) It's also adorable. I want a hypoallergenic cat that can do this trick: Via Neatorama, who say: "This is one strange cat." From the TV in the background, we can surmise that it's a French… More »

By: Lindsay Robertson / July 22, 2008
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