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The producer CFCF put out an album Outside last year, but just dropped a new track for Valentine's Day. It's a smooth slow jam that wouldn't sound too out of place on Hudson Mohawke's just released…   Read Story »
Last month, we heard the track "Beyond Light" by Montreal producer CFCF, off his upcoming album Outside. Now, CFCF has made a visual accompaniment for the all-instrumental track. Check out the video…   Read Story »
In the last few weeks we've heard some songs from Montreal producer CFCF's upcoming album Outside (as well as a pretty inspired Majical Cloudz remix), now we have a new one. While "Jump Out Of The…   Read Story »
The Montreal duo Majical Cloudz probably aren't anyone's idea of ideal remix candidates. Their bewitching, emotive churn is the sort of thing that needs room to breathe and stretch out, and any…   Read Story »
Montreal producer CFCF released his Music For Objects EP in July and no less than a month later, he delivers new material from his upcoming full-length Outside. "Jump Out Of The Train" is an…   Read Story »
Montreal producer CFCF is following last year's instrumental set Exercises with Music For Objects, a new EP due next month. Today he gives us "Camera," a hypnotic and calm track with a touch of…   Read Story »
Once a year, the roster of the Canadian indie label Paper Bag gets together to cover one complete classic album, with a different label act taking on each one of the album's songs. Last year, it was…   Read Story »
A few months ago, the Montreal producer CFCF released Exercises, a new album of gorgeously florid, thoughtful instrumental pieces. And now the track "Exercise #3 (Building)" gets a video pretty…   Read Story »
Talented Canadian MC Cadence Weapon will put out Hope In Dirt City next week, an LP from which we've already heard the hypnotic single "Conditioning" (as well as its Grimes remix). Now, another remix…   Read Story »
Star Montreal producer CFCF -- who has a really solid new EP out called Exercises -- is the latest to go in on the oft-remixed "Romantic Streams" by Austin synth standout Sleep ∞ Over. He gives it…   Read Story »