Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper Reveals Apple Paid Him Half A Mil, But He’s Still Indie

Chance The Rapper's last mixtape, Coloring Book, was an Apple Music exclusive for two weeks before becoming available on other streaming services. Now, Chance The…
Peter Helman | March 18, 2017 - 11:25 am

Chance The Rapper Fires Back at Chicago Sun-Times Over Child Support Claims

On Thursday, Chance the Rapper fired back at the Chicago Sun-Times after the paper released an op-ed claiming that he is in embroiled in a…
Carl Lamarre / Billboard | March 10, 2017 - 12:43 pm

Status Ain't Hood

Don Q Is The New York Rap Hardass We Need

Corner Stories, the new mixtape from the Bronx rapper Don Q, has a sort of Greek chorus running all through it: an unnamed interviewer who…
Tom Breihan | March 8, 2017 - 10:51 am

Michelle Obama Thanks Chance The Rapper For His Aid To Chicago Public Schools

In the past few days, Chance The Rapper has gone from being a politically informed artist to a full-on advocate for the greater good. Last…
Tom Breihan | March 7, 2017 - 10:14 am

Chance The Rapper Donating $1M To Chicago Public Schools

Last week, the newly Grammy-winning Chance The Rapper met with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to discuss funding for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system. He…
Pranav Trewn | March 6, 2017 - 3:44 pm

Chance The Rapper To Illinois Governor: “Take Our Kids Off The Table”

Earlier this month, after Chance The Rapper won the Best New Artist Grammy, Bruce Rauner, the Republican governor of Illinois, tweeted his congratulations. On Twitter,…
Tom Breihan | March 3, 2017 - 2:55 pm

Status Ain't Hood

The Week Remy Ma Went At Nicki Minaj’s Neck

Jay Z won. I believed this in 2001, and I believe it now. In 2008, I wrote a whole chapter in the anthology Rock And
Tom Breihan | March 1, 2017 - 1:02 pm

Watch Chance The Rapper Eat Wings With Katie Couric In New Interview

Chance The Rapper sat down for an interview with Katie Couric at Harold's Chicken Shack in Chicago. Over a helping of wings, they talked about…
James Rettig | February 28, 2017 - 10:29 am

DJ Khaled Teases “I’m The One” Video With Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Migos, & Lil Wayne

DJ Khaled's biggest talent is his inexplicable ability to recruit tons of A-list talent to hop on his songs, and he's putting that talent to…
Peter Helman | February 27, 2017 - 10:45 pm

Chance The Rapper Gives Away Hundreds Of Tickets To “Incredible” Get Out

Jordan Peele's directorial debut Get Out is a great movie, the rare film that manages to work as a comedy and a horror movie and
Peter Helman | February 26, 2017 - 5:41 pm

Stream Taylor Bennett Restoration Of An American Idol

Taylor Bennett, the young Chicago rapper also known as Chance The Rapper's little brother, hasn't released a project since 2015's Broad Shoulders. In the interim,…
Chris DeVille | February 24, 2017 - 4:25 pm

Chance The Rapper Teases New Future Collab

Future recently got together with Chance The Rapper on the Coloring Book track "Smoke Break," and it seems that the two have another collaboration in…
Peter Helman | February 20, 2017 - 10:18 pm

Status Ain't Hood

Is Chance The Rapper About To Get Corny?

The Best New Artist Grammy award has a fascinating and bizarre history. The Beatles won it. Bob Newhart won it. Bon Iver won it. Bette…
Tom Breihan | February 15, 2017 - 12:49 pm

Chance The Rapper Announces North American Tour

After having a huge night at the Grammys on Sunday night, winning Best New Artist and Best Rap Album and coming close to stealing the
Tom Breihan | February 14, 2017 - 9:39 am


Grammys 2017: Performances From Worst To Best

Some of us dared to dream that maybe the Grammys would have a good year this year. They'd nominated a diverse and often worthy group…
Tom Breihan | February 13, 2017 - 11:19 am
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