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After Owen Pallett's deconstruction of Katy Perry, Daft Punk, and Lady Gaga, there seems to be a new trend in which everyone wants to explain in tedious detail why pop music is so enticing in some…   Read Story »
Chilly Gonzales is one of those rare people in the music business who apparently can do a little bit of everything -- and does. Though most people might have first discovered him due to his work with…   Read Story »
Composition/iPad mastermind Chilly Gonzales will put out a new record this month, a stripped-back, classical-and-jazz-influenced affair called Solo Piano II. Today we've got the album track…   Read Story »
On Thursday Feist shared a mysterious teaser video hinting at the followup to The Reminder. Today we've got a new vignette and confirmation that a new album is indeed coming soon. Titled Metals, it's…   Read Story »
This new iPad commerical features Chilly Gonzales' "Never Stop." If you look close enough -- beneath the David Sedaris -- you'll see it also features David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest: "'I read,'…   Read Story »