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In the past year since Chilly Gonzales started his Pop Music Masterclass video series, he's deconstructed the appeal of popular songs such as "Get Lucky," "Shake It Off," "Fancy," and "Hold On, We're…   Read Story »
We recently shared two tracks from Octave Minds' self-titled debut album: "Anthem" and "Tap Dance." Now the unexpected partnership between techno producer Boys Noize and piano aficionado Chilly…   Read Story »
Octave Minds was already a strange phenomenon, a team-up of two people you would not expect to find in the same room together. The duo is made up of Boys Noize, the everything-in-the-red EDM auteur,…   Read Story »
Canadian superproducer and part-time pop deconstructionalist Chilly Gonzales has worked with a fascinating array of artists including Feist, Daft Punk, Drake, Peaches, and Jamie Lidell. Now that he's…   Read Story »
A few months back, Chilly Gonzales sat in front of his piano to deconstruct "Get Lucky" and "Hold On, We're Going Home" for German radio station 1Live. He's just given "Fancy" the same treatment and…   Read Story »
After Owen Pallett's deconstruction of Katy Perry, Daft Punk, and Lady Gaga, there seems to be a new trend in which everyone wants to explain in tedious detail why pop music is so enticing in some…   Read Story »
Chilly Gonzales is one of those rare people in the music business who apparently can do a little bit of everything -- and does. Though most people might have first discovered him due to his work with…   Read Story »
Composition/iPad mastermind Chilly Gonzales will put out a new record this month, a stripped-back, classical-and-jazz-influenced affair called Solo Piano II. Today we've got the album track…   Read Story »
On Thursday Feist shared a mysterious teaser video hinting at the followup to The Reminder. Today we've got a new vignette and confirmation that a new album is indeed coming soon. Titled Metals, it's…   Read Story »
This new iPad commerical features Chilly Gonzales' "Never Stop." If you look close enough -- beneath the David Sedaris -- you'll see it also features David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest: "'I read,'…   Read Story »