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Tame Impala's "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards," off of their beloved album Lonerism, became a popular track to remix in 2012. In his new "de-mix," futuristic electronic artist Chrome Canyon…   Read Story »
Last time out, Chrome Canyon's Morgan Z directed and edited his video for "Memories Of A Scientist," in which he played a mad scientist plumbing the depths of his sanity to create a keyboard-pop to…   Read Story »
Sci-fi keyboard funk artist Chrome Canyons add a little speed and bounce to Passion Pit's "Constant Conversations" for their remix of the track. Also, they pitch up Michael Angelakos's vocals up a…   Read Story »
The former Apes & Androids synth wizard Morgan Z now records sci-fi keyboard-funk as Chrome Canyon, and he released his debut album Elemental Themes last month. Now, fellow restless production mind…   Read Story »
Morgan Z brought a triple-decker synth rig to the defunct futuristic glam-pop outfit Apes & Androids before striking out on his own as Chrome Canyon. We've heard "Generations," which served to…   Read Story »
Chrome Canyon is the Brooklyn-based project of Morgan Z, formerly of Apes & Androids, a synthesizer-fixated artist whose work takes theremin and Vangelis and Moroder and pumps them into a pulsing,…   Read Story »
Chrome Canyon is Morgan Z (from the defunct Apes & Androids), an artist who creates throbbing, synth-based electro, and recently he imparted that sensibility on this remix of like-minded Brookyln…   Read Story »