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Clipse rapper and resident G.O.O.D. Music hardass Pusha T is getting ready to release his new Wrath Of Caine mixtape, and the first song we've heard from it is "Millions," a dark and heavy banger…   Read Story »
Clipse rapper and, more recently, G.O.O.D. Music consigliere Pusha T has a new album coming sometime next year, and its first single made its way onto the internet last night. It's called "Pain," and…   Read Story »
Clipse’s “Grindin,” the first single from Lord Willin', sounded like it came from the future. It arrived, for some reason, on a VHS tape at my college radio station. We watched that video over…   Read Story »
Last week, Clipse rapper Pusha T released "Exodus 23:1," a dis track that sure seemed to be aimed at Drake. The song didn't name names, but Lil Wayne noticed and promptly released the return shot…   Read Story »
Clipse rapper and current Kanye West beneficiary Pusha T is mad as fuck about something, and he's letting us know about it. Pusha's new solo track "Exodus 23:1" heavily references Biggie Smalls'…   Read Story »
A few years ago, Clipse launched a clothing line called Play Cloths, and I'm not sure I've ever seen any non-Clipse human beings wearing their clothes. Nonetheless, Clipse rapper and recent Kanye…   Read Story »
Pusha T's sequel to last year's Fear Of God mixtape is a full-blown LP called Fear Of God II out on Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music imprint/Decon, and it's packed with some of rap's contemporary heavy-hitters…   Read Story »
Clipse rapper Pusha T has been a bit inconsistent since he went solo recently. But the new track "What Dreams Are Made Of," which you can grab below, is just nasty. It's a hard strings-and-organ…   Read Story »
Somehow, billing an artist to play their most famous release, exclusively, got super vogue all of the sudden. Nas did Illmatic. Erykah Badu did Baduizm. A Tribe Called Quest did Midnight Marauders.…   Read Story »
Clipse MC Pusha T has assembled a pretty strong gutter-rap all-star team for his new single "Body Work." The track co-stars Philly livewire Meek Mill, Bronx slow-flow stylist French Montana, and…   Read Story »