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The art-pop sister duo CocoRosie released the new album Tales Of A Grass Widow earlier this year, and it's already yielded two impressive videos, the prettily disorienting "After The Afterlife" and…   Read Story »
Looking back, it's actually difficult to capture just how weird and momentous the freak folk movement of the first half of the 2000s felt. It wasn't cobbled together so much as it was a united front…   Read Story »
Hey look, new graphic! Now this column can look something like the Best Songs Of The Week column, and now I can keep just the tiniest bit of suspense in this countdown; you have to scrowl down…   Read Story »
"Child Bride," from CocoRosie's new album Tales Of A Grass Widow, is a deeply discomfiting number, sung from the point of view of a little kid who's getting ready for her new husband. The…   Read Story »
The video for "After The Afterlife," the new single from art-music duo CocoRosie, is full of beautiful images: Bodies floating through water, waves crashing against cliff-faces. But it also has…   Read Story »
After "Gravediggress," the first single from CocoRosie's upcoming Tales Of A Grass Widow, it was clear that the band's macabre, somber wave is here to stay. With "After The Afterlife," the sister duo…   Read Story »
Last we heard from CocoRosie, they had released a two-track 7" on Touch And Go featuring a collaboration with Antony Hegarty. Now the sister duo has returned with their latest single "Gravediggress"…   Read Story »
Last month, the freaky sisterly art-folk duo CocoRosie returned with their new single "We Are On Fire." The song's striking new video, from director Emma Freeman, is full of artfully compositions…   Read Story »
Antony is an eloquently outspoken champion of CocoRosie, and a frequent collaborator to the sisters Casady, so be not surprised that a new collab track exists. Nor that it is vocally awesome. "Tearz…   Read Story »
It's been a moment since we've heard from the sisterly freak-pop duo CocoRosie, but they'll soon release a new single that TV On The Radio sound guru Dave Sitek produced. Below, we've got a stream of…   Read Story »