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The last time we heard a new track from Cold Cave was over a year ago, when they released their moody single "Don't Blow Up The Moon," but now the band has resurfaced to share a cover of Coliseum's…   Read Story »
In addition to breaking our hearts by breaking up, Death Grips also left Trent Reznor hanging by canceling all of their tour dates after they were announced as openers for the Nine Inch…   Read Story »
Today is launch day for Beats Music, the new streaming music service for which Trent Reznor serves as creative chief. (Read our impressions of the app here.) The Nine Inch Nails frontman is doing his…   Read Story »
Cold Cave's latest "Don't Blow Up The Moon" is a welcome return to the project's moodier and murkier side after 2011's Cherish the Light Years veered towards a more polished and clean sound. The song…   Read Story »
"Meaningful Life" is the B-side to Cold Cave's recently-released "Black Boots" 7". This track is a bit more timid than its A-side with foreboding lounge music vibes but a whiff of Young Marble…   Read Story »
Cold Cave go full acid trip collage in their video for "Black Boots." The clip was directed by Slava Tsukerman, who is known for his 1980s cult film Liquid Sky, a film recognized for heavily…   Read Story »
Wes Eisold describes the new Cold Cave A-side as, "Cool nihilism. Existential, groovy, psychedelia." I think the former term fits "Black Boots" pretty well, insofar as it means anything at all. The…   Read Story »
After experimenting with three formats for the Monthly Mix -- MP3 zip, Spotify playlist, Soundcloud set, etc. -- in March we finally came upon a solution that pleased everyone: all of them. And so,…   Read Story »
In advance of their upcoming "Meaningful Life" world tour starting next month, Cold Cave have three new singles coming out. One is the "Oceans With No End" single out via Deathwish Inc. The other two…   Read Story »
Cold Cave's "A Little Death To Laugh" 7" was released last September -- the band has since released a new 7", "Oceans With No End" -- but they've just now dropped the video for "Little Death." The…   Read Story »