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The Reagan babies' sophomore LP isn't out until next week, although more than a few of you have already filed reviews. For those awaiting a legit listen, stream away at MTV.   Read Story »
2006 was a good year for Cold War Kids -- getting the internet love, the NME love, becoming a lightning rod for music critic conversations about blog bands and Christianity, etc. They're back now…   Read Story »
While you weren't looking, Cold War Kids got adopted by the NME and took a place alongside acts like Kings Of Leon and the Killers as "bigger in Britain" (at least, anecdotally -- who knows what…   Read Story »
Tart tongued Brit girl Kate Nash is (Tom) jonesing for that kiss, but the vid tells another, over-the-top tale of heart-pawed pussies doing calisthenics in a love-blinded fantasy land of Valentine's…   Read Story »
Saturday was full of tougher decisions than day one, not the least of which was Interpol vs. Muse vs. staying dry. Grant Park got its drizzle on during The Hold Steady; by the time Spoon took the…   Read Story »
Yeah you've loved/hated this track for over a year now, but it's never too late for a director's cut vid! Decent sized budget, we'd say; that boxing footage looks stock, but soon enough the ringside…   Read Story »
If Friday's 'Roo music trolling left something to be desired, Saturday's lineup was more than just compensation. Of course it was all about the Police, but seeing the Lips' laser-pointered psych…   Read Story »
This year's 'Roo is Saturday heavy -- today we get Franz, Hold Steady, Regina, Dr. Dog, and a band called Police your parents loved -- but the tame opening day brought some stuff worth writing home…   Read Story »
No stranger to covers, Cold War Kids singer Nathan impresses with his take on Joni's "All I Want." Who needs a dulcimer?! Not him. The Kid nails the vocal and works out an interesting guitar part,…   Read Story »
It's flapper girls, confession booths, and post-war period-piece attire in this rather stylish "coming attraction" type vid for one of our fave Cold War Kids tunes, "Hang Me Up To Dry." The Malloy…   Read Story »