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By now, you not only know of the soul-clapping yelp-rock of Cold War Kids, you even know they met at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles; that's how far the gospel (pun) of the band has spread. The…   Read Story »
UPDATE: Since this post was published, we've made MySplice an annual tradition. Listen to and download all editions here. // Do albums matter as much as singles anymore? We like to think so. But…   Read Story »
[WARNING: This post is about The Hold Steady. If you don't like them, this may send you into fits of rage over everything from the band's age to Craig's inability to sing. If this is you, we suggest…   Read Story »
Roll over, Johansson. Between Hollywood starlets and blog buzz bands, Tom Waits is getting serious cover love these days. This time, it's CWK paying respect, with a raw, guitar-voice-drums take on "I…   Read Story »
DEAR JANN, We were so excited to open our mailbox today and see the lovely and talented Stacy Ferguson on the cover of your "Hot List" issue [RS 1011]. The article was, in a word, risiculous! But why…   Read Story »
After signing to Downtown Records, the first order of business for camp Cold War Kids was to get a full-length together to continue to convert the masses. This they did, and release date is just…   Read Story »
One thing to know about Oslo: Most people are honest (except cabbies), friendly (except customs agents), extremely beautiful (no exceptions), and obsessed with the export of their arts. So Øya is…   Read Story »
We?re still recovering from our sojourn to the self-described "musical center of the universe" this weekend, and a little worse for the wear. But the last days of Lolla gave us the festival's most…   Read Story »
A little of last night's "Steady As She Goes" for ya... Tried to get side-stage for them, but no go. "The Raconteurs want no one on stage. Good; I hate those all-access fuckers who stand on the…   Read Story »
You guys had a lot to say about Dr. Dog last November. Especially about the band's name, which is such a silly reason not to like them! Anyway, the psychedelic, Philly five-piece has some news. Check…   Read Story »