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It's hard to believe that Danielle Johnson aka Computer Magic's "All I Ever Wanted" is just a demo, and you shouldn't let that defer you from listening. This song takes clunky '80s synth sounds and…   Read Story »
Last month, we gave you the first look at Danielle Johnson aka Computer Magic's "A Million Years." Now, Johnson gives the track the visual treatment with this spacey clip featuring her on different…   Read Story »
Computer Magic is Danielle Johnson, a young New York DJ, producer, and fan of '70s sci-fi. We made her a Band To Watch way the hell back in 2010, and she's about to release a new 7" single. The…   Read Story »
The Strokes' debut album Is This It was first released on 7/30/01. To help us celebrate this 10th Anniversary, we asked some of our favorite indie bands to cover each track. The resulting collection,…   Read Story »
EP-friendly BTW Computer Magic's video for "The End Of Time" found Danielle Johnson wandering around NYC dressed like an astronaut. This John McSwain-directed clip for "Running" includes an alien…   Read Story »
A lot's happened with BTW Computer Magic, aka Danielle (aka Danz), since we wrote about her back in September. Since then she's released a ton of new EPs online and on record, and she's played her…   Read Story »
Come March every year, the same questions are asked, retreaded thought pieces get pitched: What does it mean to have a music industry festival in the decrepit climate of 2011? Does anyone actually…   Read Story »
BTW Computer Magic, aka DJ/blogger Danielle, will be recording sometime this fall. In the meantime she's been writing and recording new songs, bundling them into mini-EPs for download through her…   Read Story »
Computer Magic is the solo project of 21-year-old DJ/blogger Danielle (she goes by Danz). She moved from Rock Hill in upstate New York (population: 1,056) to New York City in 2008 to attend Hunter…   Read Story »