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Courtney Love's music is about as erratic as her personal life/online persona, but at her best, she's a truly kickass songwriter and singer. As she mentioned earlier this month, she's releasing a new…   Read Story »
Courtney Love released her definitive artistic statement four days after her husband Kurt Cobain shot himself in the head, and she called the album Live Through This. In terms of morbidly cosmic…   Read Story »
So the 2014 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony happened at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, and this year, it's relevant to your interests! As you might have heard, Nirvana were inducted by…   Read Story »
Despite the Seattle PD's insistence that the case is closed, there are still people out there holding on to conspiracy theories about Kurt Cobain's death. Here's some of the fruit of that…   Read Story »
A few months ago, Courtney Love gave Hole fans something to be excited about when she confirmed in a Facebook Q&A that she was "slowly, steadily" reuniting with the band's Celebrity Skin-era lineup…   Read Story »
Courtney Love hasn't exactly had a terrific artistic track record over the past decade and a half; her last essential album was Hole's 1998 release, Celebrity Skin. So it makes sense that she'd…   Read Story »
Lately we've seen photos of Kurt Cobain's childhood home in Aberdeen as well as new images from the scene of his death in Seattle. Why not some photos of Cobain and Courtney Love's gross Los Angeles…   Read Story »
For 11 days, authorities have been searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the plane that mysteriously disappeared on Saturday 3/8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Concerned citizens…   Read Story »
This seems like it'll work out swimmingly for everyone: Courtney Love has just launched a YouTube channel, where she promises to "show you all the things I'm passionate about." Love has just posted…   Read Story »
UPDATE: Love was found not guilty of defamation. Courtney Love is infamous for, among so many other things, popping off a whole lot of shit on Twitter. That habit has led to more than one lawsuit,…   Read Story »