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The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

A lot of bad things happened this week. The presidential debate was a shitshow of epic proportions, Ken Bone became a meme, and Donald Trump…
Stereogum | October 14, 2016 - 5:17 pm

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

Over the weekend, we received a gift from not-a-god Frank Ocean: a long, complicated, beautiful LP called Blonde. We thought we lucked out with Endless,…
Stereogum | August 26, 2016 - 4:48 pm

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

Spring! Finally! It's above 45 degrees here in New York, and though it's a tad rainy, color is slowly creeping back into the world. The…
Stereogum | March 27, 2015 - 5:36 pm

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Crying – “There Was A Door”

Crying's Beyond The Fleeting Gales is out this Friday, which is great because the world will soon behold its glory. In the meantime, you get…
Chris DeVille | October 11, 2016 - 11:01 am

Crying – “Revive”

If you thought Crying's last single sounded like Deerhoof covering Van Halen, just wait until you hear the next one. Built from frantic guitars, humongous…
Chris DeVille | September 12, 2016 - 2:41 pm


Crying – “Wool In The Wash”

On their first two EPs Crying utilized chaotic, dance-able chiptune to anxious and energetic ends. Last year's one-off "Patriot" saw them moving away from that…
James Rettig | August 24, 2016 - 11:21 am

Crying – “Patriot”

If you've been keeping up with Crying over the past few months as they worked on new material, you'd know that something different was on…
James Rettig | March 24, 2015 - 6:47 pm

Crying – “Emblem” (Stereogum Premiere)

Chiptune-rock virtuosos Crying have a stranglehold on controlled chaos: glitchy distortion threatens to bubble over, but never does; the vocals are always on the edge…
James Rettig | November 6, 2014 - 11:01 am

Crying – “Batang Killjoy”

Crying's combination of chiptune craziness and muscular indie rock riffs is like no other. Their debut EP last year was one of my favorites, an…
James Rettig | October 15, 2014 - 7:59 pm