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Before talking about NME's seventh annual cool list, it's kind of cool to look quickly at the 2007 Top 10 to see who's still ... cool. Lethal Bizzle? Barely. Amy Winehouse? Lucky to be alive. Ditto…   Read Story »
Before we kick off the bulk of this week's CMJ coverage, we're gonna look all the way back to last week's Iceland Airwaves Festival. Stereogum sent photog Abbey Braden overseas to take it all in.…   Read Story »
The second Crystal Castles video in as many weeks isn't trying to be cute like the HEALTH mashup's Shaun Of The Deady clip. This one's unfolds in two dimensions at once (on the streets and in the…   Read Story »
Most remix type things should never be downloaded, let alone get a video. But Crystal Castles' slinky, Nintendo bleepy makeover of HEALTH's "Crimewave" -- a standout track from the exceedingly good…   Read Story »
This video for 8-bit crew Crystal Castles' "Courtship Dating" is basically deeply shadowed footage of Alice Glass singing and being angsty (biting her hoodie string, gnawing her finger, looking dark…   Read Story »
On the walk home from Pianos (to see Port O'Brien and Delta Spirit, should have some pics later), we passed a very sold out Mercury Lounge, where LA ass-kickers HEALTH and 8-bit dance outfit Crystal…   Read Story »
Bonus points to anyone who can tell us the formula that was needed to come up with the 8-bit sundae video for Toronto duo Crystal Castle's "Air War." No peeking. This + This = this. That was…   Read Story »