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Steve Earle, Moby, Norah Jones, Michael McDonald, and Tina Fey's fave Elvis Costello also lent their voices to help Milton Green get a kidney. Watch the "We Are The World" parody here.   Read Story »
For the third year in a row, we've turned to master bootlegger team9 to take some of our favorite songs of the year and mash them together. On Stereogum & team9 Present... MySplice III you'll hear…   Read Story »
When we joked about the Hives having one fan left, we were proven wrong: They have at least a dozen. (Just kidding, Hives fan.) Cyndi Lauper is apparently fond of the Swedish garage crew -- she's…   Read Story »
I'm not very good at PhotoShop: That screen grab of Perez Hilton is real. If that wasn't bad enough, Eurythmics dude Dave Stewart also requested the help of Jason Alexander, Whoopi Goldberg, and…   Read Story »
Fresh off the True Colors tour, Cyndia Lauper's having her songs covered by the Acorn and promoting her new album Bring Ya To The Brink. In the meantime, Robert "Escalator Of Life" Hazard, the guy…   Read Story »
Cyndi Lauper recently collaborated with Basement Jaxx, Kleerup, Dragonette, and Scumfrog, among others, for her new album Bring Ya To The Brink and is currently on the True Colors tour with the…   Read Story »
Surprising us all, Cyndi Lauper has graduated from her turn in Japan For Africa to "Rocking Chair," a collaboration with Basement Jaxx. The track appears on Bring Ya To The Brink, which is out next…   Read Story »
Time for Stereogum's daily professional wrestling roundup. Yes, we're all sad 50 Cent bailed on his scheduled appearance at Wrestlemania, sport fans. But at least Snoop is representing in the ring,…   Read Story »
"We Are The World" is in the air. We caught a pretty good whiff of it with Jimmy and Ben, but this footage from Japanese television takes USA For Africa to the next level. In fact, the footage you're…   Read Story »