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Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr have released a new single to promote their upcoming U.S. tour. It's called "James Dean" and it's the first new music we've heard from the pop group since last year's sophomore…   Read Story »
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. made a mixtape. It has guest rappers and it's available on DatPiff and everything. For a wacky, synthy Midwestern festival-pop duo, these are uncharted waters, but the group…   Read Story »
Detroit's Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. make a super-clean form of festival-ready synthpop that's always reminded me of Hall & Oates, and I haven't really gotten it. But when you add Rap Stuff to it, it…   Read Story »
Detroit dance-pop cheeseballs Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. aren't content with beasting out on the college-town touring circuit, and they're getting ready to release an honest-to-god mixtape that they're…   Read Story »
The video for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr's "Run" is begging to be GIFed -- the fact that it premiered over on Buzzfeed really tells you all that you need to know. It features Tumblr-ready art patterns, a…   Read Story »
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. give a very winky video treatment to their spring-released single "If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't On The Dance Floor)." The Detroit duo spend most of the clip running…   Read Story »
On last night's episode of Conan, the goofy Michigan new wavers Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. came through, bringing a set of lit-up letters and a mindboggling top-ponytail situation with them. When they…   Read Story »
As Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott make effervescent dance music with unstoppable beats and energetic electro-pop songs that are impossible to listen to while standing still.…   Read Story »
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. first landed on our radar back in 2010. The Detroit rockers made our list of that year's 40 Best New Bands on the strength of playful, harmony-rich indie-pop jams like "Simple…   Read Story »
The slick Detroit duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. released their Patterns EP last week, and we posted their tracks "If You Didn't See Me (Then You Weren't On The Dancefloor)" and "Hiding." And now they've…   Read Story »