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Dan Lissvik used to be half of Studio, the Swedish production duo who helped make Balearic pop a thing back in the late-'00s. Since then, he's done a whole lot of producing and remixing, and he's…   Read Story »
Dan Lissvik -- Swedish producer and one-half of Studio -- has revealed that his latest project is called Atelje. Since Studio broke up in 2012, Lissvik has had a hand in producing ceo's Wonderland…   Read Story »
Film composer Brian Reitzell is getting ready to put out his debut album, Auto Music, next month. The previously released single "Last Summer" featured Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine providing…   Read Story »
Today, Sally Shapiro released Elsewhere, a remix album of her most recent full-length Somewhere Else. Among refits from Young Galaxy, Little Boots, and Nite Jewel is this Dan Lissvik's flip of…   Read Story »
Swedish producer Dan Lissvik has put his own spin on HAIM's "Send Me Down." The original was met with trepidation by some — it was a darker take on the sisters' sound, despite its back-layer of…   Read Story »
Even though the Beach Boys sang about California girls over four decades ago, it’s easy to imagine they were thinking about HAIM when they wrote it. The band is comprised of three sisters from Los…   Read Story »
Studio's Rasmus Hägg provided El Perro Del Mar's "Change of Heart" with a buoyant, danceable base. Here, the Swede's partner Dan Lissvik gives another countrywoman a brighter palette, transforming…   Read Story »