Credit: The Bandana Splits - "Sometimes"

The Bandana Splits are the doo-wop inspired singing trio of Lauren Balthrop, Annie Nero, and bowling champion Dawn Landes. In the appropriately retro video for “Sometimes” the gals play old… More »


Credit: Poison Tree - Poison Tree

The Poison Tree is the project of ex-King Of France frontman Steve Salett and collaborators from his self-described “Elephant 6-styled” Saltlands music collective, a group that includes folks like onetime… More »

On Sunday, November 14, I’ll be presenting my first event for Housing Works, the NYC-based non-profit that has been fighting AIDS and homelessness for twenty years now. One of my… More »

Credit: The 'Gum Bowl: Outtakes Reel

After rolling out this video series in which we met the bowlers, watched the first round of the tournament and championship match, there’s only one respectable place to go: all… More »


Credit: The 'Gum Bowl: The Championship Match

Credit: The 'Gum Bowl: Tim Harrington & Nick Thorburn

Credit: The 'Gum Bowl: The Bowlers Meet, Talk Trash

You’ve seen the photos from our inaugural charitable celebrity bowling tournament — now comes the even more fun part. After meeting and getting their team assignments, our celebrity bowlers took… More »


One more tease before the awesome videos come. Yesterday you saw photos from the inaugural ‘Gun Bowl charity bowling tournament. Soon you’ll see all the action, the highlights, the endlessly… More »

Imagine getting a bunch of your favorite comedians and musicians into a bowling alley, telling them they were there for a good cause, then getting them liquored up and to… More »

Well this oughta be fun. A few things we love: Charity, bowling, music, and comedy. What we are doing about it: Combining all of them for a very special event. More »


The last time we brought you photos from an Elvis Perkins show was in December at the Bowery Ballroom during a stretch of particularly grey weather. This weekend things were… More »

This is a decidedly different look for Dawn Landes, the country-folk artist that first popped up here with her bluegrass cover of “Young Folks.” There she was apple-cheeked and winsome;… More »

CMJ ’09: Weekend In Photos

One last gargantuan batch of photos from an exhausting, exhaustive week of NYC showgoing. On Friday Jessica Amaya joined us at Doveman’s record release party at the Elevated Hole, a… More »


Some Young Folks Cover “Young Folks”

Diamond Dave style! So cute it hurts to watch. Hope Alanis doesn’t get any ideas, though. Thanks for sending, Magnus!

UPDATE: Performed by Dawn Landes and the… More »