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Last night, the New York new wave greats Blondie were musical guests on The Daily Show, and Debbie Harry also took place in one of the show's segments. Naturally, the show had a lot of fun with the…   Read Story »
Last night, Arcade Fire headlined the final night of this year's first Coachella weekend, and by most accounts (including that of our own Chris DeVille), they stepped the fuck up. The band recently…   Read Story »
One of the most appropriate surprise collaborations to hit SXSW this year went down Wednesday at the Spotify House. Debbie Harry herself joined Dum Dum Girls, whose Dee Dee Penny undoubtedly learned…   Read Story »
The Bowery has changed a lot over the past decade. The luxury condo:junkie ratio is literally probably like 100:1. The space that used to be CBGB is now a John Varvatos shop. They sell rocker…   Read Story »
Roseland Ballroom is up on 52nd St. in Manhattan, about 40 blocks higher than most indie rock bands ever venture. But in an amusing case of geographic razzmatazz, last night it hosted uptown's most…   Read Story »
As anyone who saw The Runaways or the Germs movie What We Do Is Secret can tell you, punk-rock biopics can be a dicey proposition indeed. But then again, there was Sid & Nancy, and the early punk…   Read Story »
For The Journey Is Long, a forthcoming benefit tribute compilation dedicated to the late Gun Club frontman Jeffrey Lee Pierce, two of Pierce's better-known contemporaries have gotten together to…   Read Story »
You read that right: Debbie Harry claims she accepted a ride from Ted Bundy in the early '70s, but freaked out after noticing the car didn't have any handles on the inside. She explains: The hairs…   Read Story »
If you thought listening to or watching Scarlett sing was a bit awkward, just wait until you watch this clip of her sitting down for a discussion with Blondie. It's part of MySpace's "Artist On…   Read Story »
There's a recent resurgence of all things Debbie of late. There's that Gondry-directed biopic (for which we voted Elisa Cuthbert, but actually stars Kirsten Dunst, a choice which Debbie approves),…   Read Story »