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I made the point a couple weeks ago when Deerhoof released their paramecia-core video for "Family Of Others," but since they keep on giving us new Offend Maggie visual aids, I'll say it again:…   Read Story »
Deerhoof's recently released tenth album Offend Maggie has already birthed a number of videos: The animated "Chandelier Searchlight," "Fresh Born"'s post-sheet music stuffed gorilla, and the live…   Read Story »
As the release date of Deerhoof's tenth album approached, the band flooded us with Offend Maggie material. A week and change ago we talked about the fully realized post-sheet music "Fresh Born."…   Read Story »
Before Satomi and Greg Saunier harmonized about phone calls and unrequited love on new title track "Offend Maggie" or (somehow) made like "Living After Midnight" in "The Tears And Music Of Love,"…   Read Story »
Deerhoof offered up that "Fresh Born" sheet music and then it was relative silence on the Offend Maggie front, but in just a couple days our knowledge of their forthcoming ninth album's grown twofold…   Read Story »
Technically Deerhoof's first Offend Maggie single was the "Fresh Born" sheet music, but you get to hear the band themselves in this clip of the album's opening jam in Tokyo this past June. it's a…   Read Story »
Deerhoof's Offend Maggie is out this October. Adding a wrinkle to the current trend of fan-made remixes and videos, the band's released the album's first single "Fresh Born" as a score that fans (or…   Read Story »
Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford Over the past decade and change, the scene that's come to define Philadelphia -- in media exposure and in most cases, artistic merit -- has been spearheaded by the most…   Read Story »
Deerhoof soundtracked hunky actor Justin Theroux's directorial debut Dedication, which stars Billy Crudup as a kid's book scribe with Mandy Moore as an illustrator ... wonder where that goes, eh? The…   Read Story »
Yes, we're still in love with Friend Opportunity, even though we were left wanting more from Deerhoof's set at the PLUG Awards. Here, the SF trio take one camera, an apartment staircase, a kiddie…   Read Story »