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David Byrne's Luaka Bop label is turning 25 sometime soon (the label admits they don't know exactly when it began -- "some time in the late 1980s," they speculate), and they're throwing a three-day…   Read Story »
Here's a cut from the new Delicate Steve side project Saint Rich, an uptempo, multi-chambered classic rocker that finds guitars diving in all around the mix. Hear it below. Steve Marion is…   Read Story »
Next year, Suckers' Austin Fisher, Yeasayer's Anand Wilder, Delicate Steve's Steve Marion and producer Al Carlson will put out a record as Seltzer Boys, a project borne of the group's one-time live…   Read Story »
Multi-instrumentalist Steve Marion makes ebullient, worldly music that's propelled not by vocals (which are typically abstracted and peripheral, if present at all), but rather gliding lead-guitar…   Read Story »
This is the story of how versatile young Luaka Bop multi-instrumental composer Delicate Steve got his friends to put his album on their Facebook walls. At first blush this makes the Delicate Steve…   Read Story »
On 4/21, Record Store Day, Barsuk and Luaka Bop will release a split 7" from Ra Ra Riot and Delicate Steve. On one side, Delicate Steve will help Ra Ra Riot to cover Steve Winwood's cheese-rock…   Read Story »
David Byrne's Luaka Bop label has Stereogum CMJ party alum Delicate Steve down for a new album this May. It's called Positive Force, which is a fair LP name coming from someone calling himself…   Read Story »
We're on the other side of CMJ now, which you could probably tell by the uptick in the music news cycle, or by some bloggers' (could be any bloggers, no way to know who I am talking about) bleary…   Read Story »
So, CMJ. It's begun. This year we decided to get our shots in early, in some sort of a sado-masochistic attempt to be as lifeless by Sunday as possible, apparently. That means a party last night, and…   Read Story »
UPDATE: We are happy to announce that Four Tet has been added to this bill, and will DJ from 8-9PM (which is precisely the time there will be free vodka). Come early and often. Iceland Airwaves…   Read Story »