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Reader Kyle alerts us that the trailer for Fox Atomic's The Hills Have Eyes 2 features a familiar voice: We will almost certainly skip this movie, but c'mon -- that's a great trailer! The tune's…   Read Story »
Internet television station has a cute show called Puppet Music Hall, in which some fun artists drop by to sing a tune or two with a deep-voiced, red creature of some sort. The Dresden…   Read Story »
It's USA For Africa for the ironic hipster set! Head here for the "Coronation" episode of sketch comedy show Wonder Showzen, and FF to 14:27 for John Oates, Devendra, Corin Tucker, Bill Callahan,…   Read Story »
We're enjoying Insound's Save The Album (We Sell Digital Now!) site, where indie rockers including Tim Harrington, Bloc Party, and Devendra Banhart discuss their favorite albums. Walkman Paul Maroon…   Read Story »
This weekend, the New York Times profiled the burgeoning market for rare, often folk, private-press releases, recorded in the '60s and early '70s, and produced "largely in runs of a few hundred…   Read Story »
North Korea has claimed its first successful nuclear arms test, and the civilized world has spoken out in condemnation.China dubbed the tests "brazen" and expressed its "resolute opposition" because…   Read Story »
In which our favorite inconsistent freak folkie expounds upon the glories of pumpkins.Here i am, is it October ? i Love this month, it's very round, it's round and fun to say in your mouth, it…   Read Story »
T-shirts designed by indie rockers, with proceeds going to charities of the artists' choice. I think they all did a really nice job. Except Wolfmother (sorry, Teenage Cancer Trust).   Read Story »
This explains a lot. Featuring your favorite Human Giants (Aziz Ansari, Paul Scheer, Rob Huebel) and cameos from Fred Armisen, Rob Riggle, Tapes 'n Tapes, Ted Leo, Devendra Banhart, and Nick Kroll…   Read Story »
Wednesdays offer slim pickings during CMJ week. But Jeff and I caught plenty of memorable gigs on Day One. I'm living it up until Friday, 'cause that's when I leave for my bachelor party (Vegas, baby…   Read Story »