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Last weekend we told you our top moments for the first week of Coachella from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Today, before the second weekend of the festival begins, we'd like to share some of our…   Read Story »
Disclosure were a tiny-font band on last year's Coachella lineup, but this year they essentially co-headlined Sunday night alongside Arcade Fire, drawing a densely packed crowd of revelers to the…   Read Story »
More like guestival amirite? Cameos dominated Coachella all weekend, but Sunday was especially saturated with them. Arcade Fire had Debbie Harry. Motorhead had Slash. Jhene Aiko had Drake and…   Read Story »
Disclosure are in full victory-lap mode, playing high on the bill at a bazillion summer festivals and cranking out collaborations when they feel like it, after releasing last year's monster debut LP…   Read Story »
Disclosure made their first-ever foray into rap production when they put together the beat for "You Stressin'," the new single from the young New York rapper Bishop Nehru. It's a good song, but it's…   Read Story »
With their new album So Long, See You Tomorrow, London's Bombay Bicycle Club have gone from being the sort of band that clogs up the middle zones of British festival bills to a fascinatingly limber…   Read Story »
Disclosure and Lorde tag-teamed at the 2014 BRIT Awards earlier today, introduced as two popular acts that came into the industry over the past year. Lorde sang "Royals" over Disclosure's futuristic…   Read Story »
"Booo!," the 2001 collaboration from the producer Sticky and the sing-rapper Ms. Dynamite, was a massive British underground hit, and it marked an early moment in UK garage's fast evolution into…   Read Story »
Big morning for sharp young Chicago rappers going in over dance music. First, there was the Chance The Rapper/Skrillex collaboration. And now Chance's buddy Vic Mensa, who scored a Mixtape Of The…   Read Story »
Just one day after we all lived through the endless Grammy Awards, the organizers of the BRIT Awards, the UK's equivalent, have made it clear that they intend to put together a much cooler show. That…   Read Story »