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Jimmy Tamborello is still best-known as the clicks-and-bloops half of the Postal Service, but he's been making layered and pretty solo electronic music as Dntel for about 20 years, and he'll release…   Read Story »
The recent reunion of the Postal Service (and release of two new tracks) had a lot of fans wondering if another album was in the works -- speaking of which, why haven't they made another album!?…   Read Story »
Japanese-American electro pop artist Caroline (formerly of Mice Parade) will issue an LP of remixes based off her latest album, Verdugo Hills, and today we've got a remix from likeminded electro…   Read Story »
The surging track that resulted from the recent Dntel/Baths collaboration now has a video, and it rides a strange, Internet 1.0 feel and features a cell -- or something resembling a cell and/or…   Read Story »
Dntel -- AKA Jimmy Tamborello, AKA the beatmaking half of Postal Service -- will drop a new record this summer, from which we've already heard "Bright Night." Aimlessness features contributions from…   Read Story »
Producer Jimmy Tamborello, better known as Dntel, has already earned himself a place in music-dork heaven for being the beatmaking half of the Postal Service. He'll soon release a new Dntel album…   Read Story »
In an interview with EW, Adam Young (aka laptop sensation Owl City) admits his no. 1 single "Fireflies" and the Postal Service in general "are pretty similar," but at the same time claims he's "a lot…   Read Story »
With his Postal Service mate talking Kerouac, performing for the Dalai Lama (by the way, very Beat of you, Ben), and otherwise possessing our hearts, it looks like JImmy Tamborello decided to get in…   Read Story »
The Brothers Jarman take a break from their apparent quest to make a video for every song from their great Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever long enough to have someone do a remix of latest single…   Read Story »
As previously reported, the Raveonettes and Dntel join folks like Swizz Beatz and iSight troubadour Marié Digby in Gap's campaign to ... celebrate color via song? Something like that. As mentioned,…   Read Story »