Credit: DJ Fresh & Diplo - "Earthquake" video

The fizzy dance-rap track “Earthquake” is a collaboration between Diplo and DJ Fresh — the British drum & bass one, not the producer of evocative and ’80s-reminiscent Bay Area cult-rap… More »


Credit: Dominique Young Unique

Earlier this year, the Floridian party-rapper Dominique Young Unique dropped her Glamorous Touch mixtape, and now she’s back with another one. Stupid Pretty is just eight songs and about 20… More »

Credit: Dominique Young Unique Glamorous Touch

Dominique Young Unique just released her new mixtape, Glamorous Touch — her last was 2010’s Domination. After asking “Where the fuck I been?” she launches into a little bit of… More »

Credit: Dominque Young Unique - "War Talk" Video

Dominique Young Unique’s “War Talk“‘ has been floating around for a while in remix and mixtape forms. Here’s the song’s Johannes Schaff-directed video. It was shot in Tampa. … More »


Credit: Dominique Young Unique The World Is Mine

I first came across Dominique Young Unique via her video for the unabashedly catchy “Show My Ass.” Then we all saw her do it at SXSW 2010. Anyone who’s listened… More »

And so ended the Pool Parties, at least in the form in which we know them. That is to say, they ended with fun and sunny sets from the previously… More »

Credit: Cruel Summer: Stereogum Summer Jams 2010

Welcome to summer, welcome to free and legally downloadable summer jams. Time to CELEBRATE on ROOFTOPS. But you know, oil spills. And crazy people waiting in lines for phones for… More »


Credit: Dominique Young Unique Domination Mixtape

Dominique Young Unique’s “Show My Ass” is a great song. Playing it a few dozens times in a row is part of what inspired us to book the 19-year-old Tampa… More »

Credit: Dominique Young Unique - Blaster

Dominique was all sass, ass, and age-correcting (she’s 19) at our Range Life party at SXSW a few months ago, today she dropped a new track in our inbox from… More »

Credit: Stereogum Interviews the morning benders @ Range Life

As you likely surmised after watching Ben Gibbard cover the Magnetic Fields, our show’s sponsor Samsung kindly hired a a video crew to memorialize the good times at Range Life. More »


“It’s early Saturday afternoon and you guys are still drinking, aren’t you. You’re just like, ‘I can take off next week to dry up and process everything that happened during… More »

Credit: Dominique Young Unique – “Show My Ass” Video

I’m into different kinds of music for different reasons. Not everything goes down easy, so it’s a treat when something’s as unabashedly catchy and straight-up fun as 17-year-old Tampa rapper… More »