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The Detroit rapper Dopehead is a longtime Danny Brown collaborator, and he earned Mixtape Of The Week distinctions two years ago for Plaid Palm Trees. He's back now with another new tape called…   Read Story »
It took me forever to come around on the Detroit rapper Danny Brown. Brown's a unique figure and an undeniable talent, and he always seemed like somebody I'd like. But his voice, a raspy rabid-hyena…   Read Story »
We actually got a ridiculous number of strong, visually striking music videos this week: everything on this week's list is pretty much must-see. And it does my heart good to see that two of them come…   Read Story »
As a Baltimore native, I appreciate it when anybody can display local pride while, at the same time, admitting that their hometown is a total shithole. Detroit rapper DopeHead does that beautifully…   Read Story »