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Denny Bowen played drums in the great Baltimore punk trio Double Dagger until that band broke up, and now he leads the fired-up sludge-rock quartet Roomrunner. Bowen's new band are about to release…   Read Story »
William Cashion plays bass in the great Baltimore art-pop band Future Islands, and Bruce Willen used to play bass in the great Baltimore graphic design-addled punk band Double Dagger. The two of them…   Read Story »
In September we toasted the best new bands of 2011. Bright futures for those guys! But come this time of year it's also important to remember the musical groups who called it a day. Some of these…   Read Story »
Unlike the whispers you might imagine when hearing the phrase "pillow talk," cheeky, angular Baltimore trio Double Dagger's foot-sucking "Pillow Talk" is a sex-positive shout-out that should be…   Read Story »